Toyota FT-1 Concept

A second Toyota FT-1 design concept has surfaced after being well received in January’s Detroit Motor Show. If you missed it here is what it looked when it was first introduced at the beginning of this year:


So then, originally it was red and back in January. I believe Akio Toyoda claimed “Red, which emphasizes highlights, was the only color ever considered.” But today we get a look at what the FT-1 Concept looks like in a more sinister, superhero inspired costume. The latest concept comes with a graphite paint scheme, meaning this time round it kind of looks like the love child of a Ferrari Enzo, a Lotus Elise and Batman. It will appear at the 2014 Pebble Beach car show.

Toyota FT-1

Looks good doesn’t it?

Will the Toyota FT-1 reach production?

Toyota haven’t disclosed whether or not the Toyota FT-1 will ever reach production. However the fact that Toyota seem keen to associate the FT-1 with some of the brands prior sports cars such as the Toyota Supra suggests that it is a very serious possibility. Another thing to get you excited (if you’re a gamer) is that Toyota have done a deal with Gran Turismo! Apparently two more versions of the FT-1 will be available to download (a red version has already been made available).