New Kia Sportage coming

Rumours are already in full swing for the Frankfurt Motor Show which will take place this September. The one breaking today is about a new redesigned Kia Sportage. I know, I know it is exactly mind blowing! Nevertheless the Sportage is a great car and one of our favourite crossovers. Kia have really moved forward in terms of styling over the last few years. They have been pushing out some of the best looking cars going of late. The Pro Cee’d for example.

What to expect at the Frankfurt Motor Show?

Therefore we are pretty excited to see what they come up with for the Kia Sportage! It is already a very good looking car by any standard. We have already seen some spy shots of the 2016/2017 Sportage, and we can expect more to come out on the care over the coming months. The Sportage is currently in it’s third generation, and the choice you get with one is superb, as soon as the new Sportage is out, we hope that the price for a second hand Kia Sportage third generation model will drop a fair bit.

Frankfurt Motor Show to reveal new sportage

The current Kia Sportage doesn’t come cheap, espocially when you compare it to rivals such as the Renault Captur; the on the road Sportage is £17,500, meanwhile the Captur is £14,195 and those prices are reflected for used models; a second hand Sportage from 2012 will cost between £10,490 and £20,995 whilst a second hand Renault Captur from 2013 will cost you between £9,346 and £15,000.