Ferrari 612

The Ferrari 612 boasts a front-mid engine placement and is the beginning of a new era for the company. The 612 is a sporty four-seater that boasts a huge 5.7 litre V-12 engine.

The car offers plenty of power and speed for enthusiastic driving, but that might turn around and bite novice drivers in the butt. The 612 delivers 540bph. The 612 offers plenty of benefits over the competition. The car seats four comfortably and provides a decent sized boot as well.

Access to the car’s front seats is really good, and rear access is made easier thanks to the fact that the seat belts are sewn into the front seats and easily bend and raise with the seats. This helps with access to the rear seats.

The car’s interior is beautifully finished and boasts high quality materials. Many rivals will have a hard time competing and keeping up with the Ferrari 612. The cabin also boasts a digital rev counter that looks great and comes in quite handy.

The car’s asking price and performance on offer may hurt it when compared to rival brands. The car’s interior design does sport a more high tech look which makes it much more appealing than previous Ferraris.

The car can deliver 0-60 mph in 4.1 seconds and boasts a top speed of 196mph. There is no doubt that the 612 is fast. The car delivers good levels of equipment and excellent performance and a sturdy build quality.

Ferrari 612


The car’s asking price may be its biggest let down. Competitors such as Aston Martin offer similarly capable cars with high levels of desirability at a fraction of the price. This will be an expensive car to maintain, run and insure.

The Ferrari 612 delivers better cabin space than most rivals. The car is actually a four-seater with a decent size boot but it still feels sporty. This will win many buyers over and give Ferrari a leg up on the competition. On the other hand it wont be long before the competition wises up.

The car’s controls and displays are beautifully finished and provide a high quality feel. They are logically located and functional. The instrumentation compliments the cabin’s quality and sporty feel.

The car’s cabin provides good levels of comfort. The seats are comfortable and the ride is smooth. The car should provide adequate passenger and driver comfort for all. Of course front seat passengers will enjoy more space than rear passengers.

The car’s doors provide good access to the cabin. They open wide and allow passengers access to the car’s seats. However, car sits low and it may be necessary to climb down into the seats.

Parking the 612 is easy enough thanks to the car’s easy steering but it is pretty wide so you will need a relatively large space. Visibility is limited due to the car’s low stance, but judging the car’s extremities is easy and large side mirrors help even more.

Life Style

The Ferrari 612 is a performance car in every sense of the word but it isn’t limited to performance. The 612 was designed to cater to the enthusiastic driver while delivering exceptional style and good levels of practicality and comfort. The car delivers good performance and handling and will be thrilling to own and drive.

This is not a family car. Limited space and seating rule out the Ferrari 612 as a family car. It would be a fun second car to have around and the rear seats can handle limited duties for families who could afford it.

This is not a first car. It is too expensive, and even if a novice driver could afford it there is simply too much power available for a newly licensed driver. Plus, running costs and insurance would be too high.

The 612 will have a positive reflection on Ferrari. The car reflects many exterior, interior, and mechanical enhancements. Ferrari has really stepped up with the 612 and moved the competition up a notch or two.

Security and Safety

The car’s standard security features include an anti-theft device and power door locks. For an attractive car like the Ferrari 612 buyers may want to add on an alarm system from the options list or an aftermarket system.

The car comes with parking sensors, driver and passenger airbags, three point seat belt pretentioners, side guard door beams.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio system includes a Bose radio and CD player. The system delivers excellent sound quality and should satisfy even the most demanding audiophile, but you might want to turn it down to hear the engine.

The car’s exterior design looks the most flattering in metallic colours but you still wouldn’t turn down a red one. Blue looks especially flattering but most of the standard colours do a good job of complimenting the 612’s exterior design.

Ferrari 612 Summary

The two-door four passenger luxury sports car is equipped with a standard 6.0-liter, V12, 540-horsepower engine and a 6-speed manual transmission with overdrive as standard. Buyers will not be disappointed in what the 612 delivers, but some might be disappointed in their own driving skills.