Chrysler 300 C

Chrysler’s 300 C is making a name for itself in the executive market. Aside from its unique and distinctive looks, it offers a 3.0-litre diesel engine, and a large boot that accommodates significant items such as suitcases and golf clubs with ease.

The car has a long bonnet and a grille that can’t be missed. Heads will turn as the Chrysler 300 C rolls by. The car’s exterior is trimmed in chrome that enhances its sleek classy style. The car’s rear end has been tapered down, increasing its visual appeal even further.

The 300 C is not all looks either; it combines classy exterior style with a quality build, and delivers a refined and swift driving experience. Amazingly, the 300 C can claim some of the same specifics that are boasted by BMW’s 5 Series, such as; rear wheel drive and equal front and back weight distribution.

The 3.0 V6 CRD diesel engine is the most UK friendly choice that still maintains enjoyable driving characteristics and the ability to go fast. The petrol choices are far less economical and also offer less desirable characteristics.


The Chrysler 300 C is a relatively inexpensive purchase in its sector of the market which gives the 300 a competitive edge. Fuel costs for the petrol engines are average, while the diesel engine is a more economical alternative. Insurance costs are high, and other cars in its class outperform the 300, but it is still a viable option.

The 300 provides adequate cabin space for most passengers. Front passengers should be fairly comfortable, while rear seating is somewhat limited due to the spare tire being housed underneath. The boot is very spacious for a car in this class and is considerable bonus feature of the Chrysler 300 C.

The controls and dials are large and easy to use, and the basic controls are duplicated on the steering wheel for the driver’s convenience. Some of the plastics used in the cabin appear and feel inferior. The vehicle comes with a sat-nav system that works well and is fairly user friendly.

The 300 C is designed for comfort, and is loaded with quality features inside the cabin that are geared toward passenger comfort. The car’s quality build and use of quality parts ensures a smooth ride.  Some of the creature comforts include, heated, adjustable, leather seats, adjustable steering wheel, a memory feature designed to recall pre-set seating positions, and front and back climate control.

The doors are large and facilitate easy access to the front and rear seats. The doors do not quite open to a full ninety degrees and may hinder access for some passengers. The boot is easily accessible but requires some manual power.

Parking the 300 can be difficult. It has a long wheel base and over-sized wheels. The over-sized car doesn’t fit comfortably into small parking spaces. Parking sensors are standard issue for this car, but parking it can still be quite a challenge.

Life Style

The highlight of the driving experience is the car’s 3.0-litre diesel option. With this engine the car can easily reach 60mph in less than eight seconds. Rear wheel drive and weighted steering are also nicely utilized on the 300 C. Cars sold outside of the U.S. provide weighted steering with more feedback than those cars sold inside the U.S.

The Chrysler 300 C could adequately transport a family, but there are probably more family friendly vehicles available. The car’s leather seats are not child-friendly.

The Chrysler 300 is not a good first car. It is too large for new drivers to handle properly, and it is not fuel efficient. Insurance on this car would be very high or impossible for newly licensed drivers, and parking would be difficult for an experienced driver much less a beginner.

The 300 C gives the impression that it is a really expensive car, but it is not. It is one of the more modestly priced vehicles in its class. The 300 is a head turner, and very few people miss its presence. Its style and class are evident at first glance.

Security and Safety

The 300 is a very attractive car, and thieves will definitely take notice. The car comes equipped with an engine immobilize and a security alarm.

Chrysler has not overlooked safety; the car comes standard with ABS, ESP, and front and rear side curtain airbags. The windows provide a sensor that detects trapped fingers and automatically rolls the window down.

The Finishing Touches

The car comes equipped with 280 watt stereo unit and six speakers. Therefore, you can rest assured that the sound quality is good.

The car comes with a useful rear cargo organizer and cargo cover. Other useful features include heated front seats, separate front and back air conditioning, windscreen rain sensors, and rear parking sensors are all included in the standard package.

Summary – Chrysler 300 C

The Chrysler 300 C is a stylish sleek car, throw in the diesel variant and all the creature comforts that come with the standard package at a really great price, and you have a winner.