If you are reading this, or considering any kind of leasing you are probably already well aware of the benefits that come with leasing a car, but allow us to refresh your memory. First of all you are getting a brand new car! Let that sink in, it is a brand new car, and you can have it! If you are anything like me, you have two options, pool all of your money and have enough to buy an old Punto for few thousand pounds, or use that cash for the initial payment on the much more exciting prospect of a Personal Car Lease BMW 2 Series! Honestly, if you have a moments hesitation over what is the better option, just leave this site right now and go back to your life of dull decisions and absolutely no fun. It is the equivalent of paying thousands of pounds to have dinner with your mother in law, or the same amount to wine and dine the girl next door. Sure you’re going to be paying an extra £650 a month for 3 years but you got the girl next door, you got Elisha Cuthbert, your mother in law isn’t even mad, she knows you made the right decision.

In this day and age actual ownership is overrated anyway, nobody cares that you’ve got a personal contract hire BMW 2 Series that is crippling you financially, they will just see you looking like a gangster rapper and believe you’ve made a success of yourself, when really, you can only afford the lease because you still live at your moms rent free! My colleague Craig adopts a policy of, “if you can’t afford to buy it, you probably can’t afford the insurance”, but what the hell does he know, he still wears a Henleys jumper, try sweet talking a fitty at the club with your sensible lifestyle of living within your means, I’ll take my chances with the Beamer. If you think she’ll be put off by the fact you don’t own it, just lie and tell her you do, or tell her it’s a BMW 2 Series Business Car lease, that way she’ll think it’s a perk of the sick job you have no chance of ever getting. Either way I’m not going out in an old Punto which over heats. No sir, I’d sooner wear Henleys!

All you need to remember is dinner with your mother in law or dinner with the girl next door…. Elisha Cuthbert or Doris Roberts…. If you aren’t sold on getting a contract hire BMW 2 Series after reading this then I don’t know what to see…. You’re lost.